Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Have Done It!!!

Finally, we settled Mama's estate today.  I had no idea it would take so long, and this is with absolutely no contention between us.  The attorney is used to siblings fighting over money and arguing with each other over every dime.  I guess it helps if there is no money, and all that has to be decided is how much we each owed to settle Mom's bills.  Of course it should have included our other brother, but since he hasn't held a job in years, good luck with that.  LOL  So, Paul and I paid things off, and that is that.  I do need to go back and sign checks once they have them all prepared, but that won't take very long.  At long last.  Now I can get this off my mind...  Mama would be happy.

Tonight is the finish of The Voice.  I am looking forward to seeing if my guy wins.  I think he has a good chance, but who knows how people will vote.  I should work tonight, but will probably get up early tomorrow and have at it.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Sad

Mother's Day is next Sunday, and this is the first year that I won't be cooking a Mother's Day dinner for my Mama.  It makes me very sad.  I told Lar that I would prefer to have a quiet day... My brother and I have both been staying very busy to try and keep our minds off things.  I know I am a Mom and a Gramma... but somehow I never thought the day was for me.  Weird, I know.

I took little Nee for a 'girls night' on Friday.  After the schoolbus dropped her off, I drove her to a town that is rather small, and not as heavily trafficked as the city close to us.  I was unsure about the driving since I have nightblindness and it was rainy and stormy.  Nee wanted to eat first, even though it was very early.  I said fine, and sprung my first big surprise on her.  I told her that we were going to Red Lobster!  She said, "Gramma, I don't really like that place."  Okay.  Insert deep sigh.  I really really wanted to go there.  So we went to Dairy Queen, and guess what we ordered?  Shrimp!!!!!  Oh well, she enjoyed it.  The one thing she wanted to do was go and pick out the fabric and pattern for her birthday dress.  I make her a dress every year to wear on her birthday.  I was a bit surprised (and pleased) because her birthday isn't until June 21.  But, we went and shopped for that, and she was very fast at picking out what she wanted.  She was happy,  We moved on to the mall, and I had a specific store to take her too.  It is a delight for little girls all the way through college age girls.  Renee fell in love with the place, and she filled a basket with all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff.  She was thrilled.  She was still behaving and happy, so I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie and took her to that Pirates Band of Misfits movie, or something of that sort.  It was Disney, and therefore, suitable for her age.  I got our tickets and 3-D glasses, which have improved considerably since I was younger.  Then I made her go to the bathroom.  I told her that I don't walk out until the movie is over... but, of course I would have taken her if necessary.  Then she wanted to know if we could get a snack for the movie.  I gave her a shocked look.  "How could we go to a movie without popcorn?"  She started giggling.  Of course, I got a large tub of popcorn so I could spill part of it on the floor and still have some left!  I was amazed that the theater didn't have many people in it.  And, mostly, it was kids and Moms in there.  We got good 'short people' seats, and there was no one around us to be annoying.  I have to admit that one Mom had two kids that were a bit older, and one that was probably three.  He kept talking throughout the movie, and he was precious.  His Mom kept trying to hush him, but he was just enjoying the show and asking questions.  Renee enjoyed the movie very much.  All during the show I could hear it raining, actually pouring, and storming like crazy.  I was so afraid I was going to have to call Lar or Paul to come and get us.  Lar thought so, too, and so did Paul.  I called Lar and told him I thought I could see to drive.  The rain had stopped, and I got out on the Interstate easily.  It is a construction zone right there, and only one lane open, and that is the shoulder on the left.  A man stopped and let me out.  I stayed behind a semi all the way up the highway until my exit.  I had no trouble at all, and then called Paul when I got home.  He was worried and waiting for me to call for him to come and get us... Overprotective husband Lar and overprotective brother Paul.  It is nice to be loved.  So, anyway, Renee had a special time, which was the whole point of the evening.  I hate to shop, but we shopped for fabric... and I enjoyed her first adventure into Claire's.  I spoiled her, and she needed a bit of spoiling.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.