Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grumbles and gripes!

I was so excited that a friend of mine came yesterday late afternoon to spend the evening and then leave for home this morning.  It was great to have company.  I planned for this, and thought I would have the rest of the day to work... (Which means 'writing'.)  It was one interruption after another, and most of those conversations start out with, "I knew I could call you since you don't work!"  Writing IS work.  It is very frustrating when someone calls, says that, and then laughs when you try to explain that you are, indeed, busy working.  People in general have no respect for a person who works at home as I do.  If they need a babysitter, or someone to run an errand, or just to listen to a list of complaints, they think it is okay to turn to Joannie... because "she doesn't WORK!"  I wish I had an jpeg of someone crossing their eyes.  Now, sometimes the calls are necessary, and I always want family to call me when they want to.  That is different.  But, I hate those calls telling me I've won something, or I need to donate to this or that... and I have my cell phone turned off because I am still getting calls for someone else who had this number before I did... even though Verizon promised me it was a brand new number... Really???  I hope that if they get my voice mail a few times they will realize that someone else didn't think enough of them to give them their new cell number.  In the meantime, can I spank Verizon for lying to me???

I am presently unspankable; therefore, life in general is making me more irritable than normal.  I know that Lar is concerned I am going to implode.  I know why I am so upset, and I can't do a darn thing about it without taking a son-in-law to the woodshed for a good whippin'.  Lar doesn't want us to interfere in their marriage; basically I agree with that, but when Chris' selfish behavior is affecting the entire family, I can't keep quiet.  Lar and I talked about it today when he called to check on my back (Testing my spankability, I am sure...) and he agreed with my brother and I and said he had my back.  So, I drew a line in the sand.  I just said that either he rides in the van with all of us to Chicago or he stays home.  When you are supposed to be with the family, then you adapt to what is being planned.  I am not going to finance his driving his own car, while we take the grandkids.  He is making it clear that he will come IF he doesn't have to be with us.  I explained it carefully to Chrissy today, and she said, "Well, Mom, you need to call Chris and tell him all of this."  I agreed,  I called at 2:30 and he has not called me back yet!!!  Does that tell you something?  It tells me that he can't talk to me on the telephone... much less spend time with us on this trip.  Chrissy called to find out what he said when I talked to him.  I said, "He hasn't called me back, honey.  Just like normal.  He wants nothing to do with us."  He wants to keep Chrissy from having fun with us.  He wants to drive separate so he keeps her to himself.  In Chicago he will refuse to participate with what the group wants to do.  This is not new with him.  We've taken them to the fair... They go their own way and we have the little ones.  I don't know why Chrissy can't see this.  If anyone has ideas, please let me know.  It isn't about this trip,  It is about anything that requires him to be a family member.  The 'joke' here is: "How sick will Chris be this holiday?"  Yes, I told Chrissy my feelings were hurt.  I know she was upset by his behavior... I just want Chrissy to come and have fun, and she won't if he comes, too.  She'll be too busy making excuses for him.  She apologized for his not answering his phone and for his not calling me back.  Saying 'sorry' isn't always enough, and those of you practicing DD know what I mean.  The rest of us want to go and celebrate Nick's graduation, have a great party for him, and then have fun while we are there.

To pleasant stuff.  I love love love writing stories.  What a way to make a living.  I have a current story on Woodshed that I really love, and I am already thinking of doing another story about one of Nettie's brothers.  She has ten of them, and her two older ones are married and spank their wives in this book.  Anyway, this book is so much fun to write, and I love Nettie's family, whose last name I cannot begin to pronounce. LOLOL  Another favorite of mine is due to be released on Blushing Books this weekend.  It's called Emily, and it is a follow-up to Lucinda.  If you haven't read Lucinda, you will want to do so before reading Emily.

Okay, I'm done fussin' now, and maybe tomorrow's blog post will be a bit nicer.  At least I hope so.

Joannie (who is still plenty feisty)


  1. First of all, I love the new story. And I have enjoyed both Emily and Lucinda. Unfortunately I am just getting how to download since I am a member. Didn't know how to do it in time for Lucinda. I actually have most of your books. LOL. Glad you enjoy writing!

    Gosh I am sorry about the Son In-Law problems. I wonder why he is so difficult? Maybe he feels insecure? Sometimes it's as simple as that. They feel they cannot compete so they avoid!
    I hope he comes around. It is such a stressful situation!

  2. Hey Joannie, if you figure out how to spank Verizon, let me know. AT&T has one coming too! My first thoughts on your SIL are pretty much like Minelle. Do you think he could just be shy/insecure and feels uncomfortable in groups? I used to be painfully shy as a young girl and social events were the stuff of nightmares to me! Luckily, I grew out of it. Well, mostly...

    I'm glad you enjoy writing, becasue I really enjoy reading. I finally chose Outside In to start with. It's great Joannie. I haven't read Lucinda yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    My husband is currently having back problems too. I feel bad for him when I see him struggling to even bend over enough to out his boots on. I hope you both recover very soon.