Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baking With Lar

Oh yes, you did read that right.  Somehow, and please don't ask me HOW, our family won the county baking contests for the organization we belong to.  Now we have to rebake them, and send them to state this weekend.  Sounds nice, right?  Wrong.  My daughter's reaction when she learned the two children needed to do their recipes over again for their different age groups was not one of bliss and delight.  It was more like, "I just got the kitchen clean from the last time, Mom.  I have to work, too."  SO, I made the offer to bake with them.  That horrified her.  Chrissy is a trained chef, even though she gave up that profession to become a nurse.  The idea that other people are going to taste something HER children baked means that SHE is going to bake with them.  Gramma lets them do their own thing.  She watches over them like a hawk, making sure each measurement is correct.  I let them measure and simply have fun.  My way is a lot more fun, and a lot messier, too.  LOL  So, their 'pizza' slices are ready to go.

I baked my bars, because if it is going to have MY name on it, I'm going to make it.  Yes, I see the irony in what I just said.  My daughter is a brat; I taught her well. WEG And, I do mean 'brat' in a loveable way...  So, my bars are finished, and I will cut them in the morning...

That leads us to the climax of the day, and I'm not talking THAT kind, either.  Lar decided that since his cupcakes won at the county, he would bake them for state.  There is just one problem... I baked his cupcakes for county.  I planned to enter, and at the last minute, he decided he wanted to play 'cupcake wars'.  He gave me all these instructions for how his cupcakes were to be done.  To give Lar a break, he is working so many hours, and there was NO time for him to bake them himself, or he would have.  His cupcakes did beat mine... because he insisted I put a chocolate ganache in the center of his, and make the top all swirly...  He won.  Enter tonight, and he wants to bake...  I'd rather help the little kids.  "JoAnn, what do I do now?"  ALLLLLLL the way through baking them, taking them out of the oven, and so on, so forth.  It took him an hour to get them in the oven.   I hope he wins after all the work HE put into them.

I think I could be in trouble because of my mouth.  Lar threatened me with a spanking for using bad language, and I told him 'no'.  It is an automatic reaction, and it seems to set him off each and every time.  Why can't I simply learn to say 'sorry' instead of 'no, you are not going to spank me!'  He is still up, and I know he has a very early day tomorrow.  When he stays up late, it means he is waiting for me.  Not good.

The small appliance I bought hasn't arrived yet.  I wish it would so I can get it over with.  No, I really don't, but I do...  I hope that makes sense.  LOL


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