Friday, April 27, 2012


I hate computers.  I hate it when they just stop working and die taking all the content you have painstakingly stored there over time.  I know that some people are smart enough to do backups.  I hate it when someone says, "Did you have everything backed up?"  Of course the answer is NO!  You'd think I would learn, but I don't.  I have so much stored on that hard drive that I hope it isn't lost.  I could 'vow' to do back ups from now on, but let's face it, I won't remember to do it.  I will say, "I'm too tired to do it tonight."  In the morning, it will be, "I'll get it tonight."  Then I don't, and something happens, and I am so pissed at myself.  Anyway, our desk top died last week.  My brother Paul is coming after work today to see what he can do.  I am braced for the question, "Do you have your files backed up, Jo?"  AND, for the, "Do you EVER dust down here, Jo?  This thing is dirty and dusty, and it probably died because of it!"  Oh yes, I am ready for the brotherly scolding, the things that someone I would ACTUALLY pay wouldn't dare say out loud, but my brother, who has been told he can't call the people he works with 'stupid', has no such problem making me feel stupid.  LOL  But, he is an expert, and if anyone can fix it, or rescue the files from the hard drive for me, he is the one.  It is a blessing to have an expert in the family.  Since he is a favorite person in our lives, I am making a dinner he will love.  Fried tilapia and my potato wedges that I fix in the oven.  We have a few of Lar's cupcakes from last night for desert.  I'll add a healthy salad for Lar and I, and cottage cheese for Paul.

This week has been impossibly busy, and I keep thinking I will tackle my bedroom.  I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I dumped everything and cleaned out the drawers, the closet, and pitched clothing that isn't usable, and passed on some things that we no longer will wear.  I am a firm believer in getting rid of stuff you are not wearing.  Why waste precious closet space waiting on something to come back in style?  Or to lose ten pounds so you can wear it.  Lar is a hoarder.  Oh, he won't admit it, of course.  His dresser is full of old tees that are stained and torn and need to be pitched.  I will clean that first... I have been itching to get one of the kids to get Dad out of town for an entire weekend so I can tackle the garage.  Lar overheard Chrissy and I talking last spring... and told me that I was NOT to touch the garage.  I agreed not to... provided he did.  He hasn't.  Seriously, he has stuff stacked floor to ceiling, and getting in and out of the van with all that junk in there is not easy.  He always yells at me for parking to one side when I pull in.  DUH.  I make it easy on myself.  AND, I have to take groceries from the back of the van and into the house through the front door instead of through the garage, as I should be able to do.  So many tasks, no time.  I've thought of hiring help, but then, while I am telling people what to do, I could have it done myself. Right?

No spanking last night.  I managed to sneak off to bed before him and covered up with the blanket over my head and I pretended to be asleep.  It worked.  Yes, I have done this before.  Of course, Lar has jerked the blankets down before, true.  I will do my best not to be snippy tonight.

Ugh.  I normally look forward to the weekend, but not this time.  Lar made a decision that I am a bit upset over, but understand that we must deal with a difficult situation regarding friends of ours who have misused money that is not theirs.  No matter what we do, there will be upheaval of some kind.  Lar and I hate being put in the middle, but we have to stand for what we believe in.  It is difficult when friends disappoint you in a public manner and you need to stand up and say so.  Hopefully there will be no legal consequences.  And, even more hopefully, we will not have to step up to fill in a void created by speaking up.  This has been weighing on us for some time now.

I hope your day is going well.


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