Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cabbage Rolls

Lar and I went shopping after Church this morning for a new cupboard.  Storage space in my kitchen is limited and I didn't have any room to put more stuff.  I am very thankful that we have food when so many others do not, but I do get tired of trying to get just one more thing put away... and we'll not talk about trying to find an item when it is buried.  So, we chose a nice cabinet... and then Lar said he was hungry and asked what I planned to do for food today. 

We usually figure meals out on Sundays by a whim.  Sometimes we decide we want to cook something, or just heat leftovers.  And, sometimes we pick up sandwiches, but today we went to a local restaurant and they have their specials for the day written on a chalkboard by the entrance so you can see it while waiting to be seated.  Lar and I saw cabbage rolls on the board and that was 'it' for both of us.  We ordered, and I hoped they wouldn't come back and tell us they were all gone.  Nothing like that happened, and the cabbage rolls were delicious.  Lar told me he likes mine better, which was very nice of him. :-)  The only difference between theirs and mine is the layer of sauerkraut I put on the bottom of the pan when I bake them.  Lar said he would enjoy it if I made them more often, so I will make sure I do that soon.

We had our meeting last night, and both Lar and I feel better after discussing the situation with our guests.  I feel that things will get better, and hopefully our friendship with this other couple will not be compromised.  Time will tell.

Lar took one of his cupcakes to work, and one of his coworkers was so impressed that he asked Lar if he would bake a dozen of his cupcakes for his wife's birthday tomorrow.  My dear husband, who already has too much to do, told the man 'yes'.  LOL  Soooooo, I helped him gather ingredients, but he made the cakes, put in the filling, and frosted them, using a decorating bag and tip.  I am sure that no one would believe my husband would do such a thing, but he did and does.  Of course, some things do not change... He left the dishes for me to do.

I have a new story to work on, a Chapter One that should be on Woodshed this coming week.  We'll see!  I am also working on the last chapter of The Perturber.  It feels good to wrap up a couple of my stories.  It is hard to say goodbye to certain characters, of course, but it is also great fun to meet new ones and tell their story.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday. 


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