Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering Mama and Happy 40th to Us

I'm starting over with a new blog.  It was over a year since I posted on my old ones, and they were deleted.  I also lost the email addy's when my old laptop crashed.  So be it.  I'm starting over, and I hope I have something worthwhile to write about each day. 

Today is Lar's and mine 40th wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe it is possible that it has been so long.  I feel fortunate that Lar and I are still in love.  I credit the fact that we practice DD in our marriage for helping us achieve this wonderful place.  Yes, there have been tough times, but there has also been lots of love and support.  It was hard work to hang in there when it would have been easier to walk away, but love held us strong.  I love you, honey.  Thank you for loving me.

And, today would have been Mama's 87th birthday.  It was a bittersweet day without her.  Oh, I do believe she was with us all day long; I could feel her spirit.  I had a few tears, because I do miss her so very much.  I know she is in a happy place, and that our loved ones embraced her on the Other Side.  My sadness isn't for Mama, but because I selfishly miss being able to call her and share everything.  Last year we celebrated by taking her to dinner theater, which she loved.  This year seemed weird without her here to join us.

This blog will be about DD, when I have something interesting to share.  It will be about my family, and who knows what.  It is for my friends, and I hope that all of you will jot something to me to let me know you are reading.  The last year has been crazy, what with taking care of Mama until we lost her in September, and dealing with her estate since then.   I still have my DD forum, and I hope you'll give me a day or two to post a few links.  I'm still writing for Bethany's Woodshed and for Spanking Romance, and for myself as well.  Oh, gosh, my website needs redoing!  It's needed redoing for a YEAR now.  lol.  I hope to get to it soon.



  1. Congrats on your new blog, Joannie. And sorry about your mom. I know that you were very close to her, and you still miss her. But, she is in a better place now and still living on in your memories. Love and hugs.

  2. Of course still reading, Joannie! :) Glad to see you posting! Happy Anniversary :)!!!


  3. Thanks, Alex and April.

    Yes, Alex, you are right about Mom. We miss her, but in truth, I would not wish her back just to suffer longer.

    Please do keep on reading and posting.


  4. Glad to see you're blogging again! I was one of the ones who found the forum through your blog. I found Keith AFTER I found your forum, so you, your blog and the forum brought many wonderful things to my life! You know I get it about your Mom. It takes a long time and you never quit missing her but a day does come where the memories bring more smiles than heart hurts.