Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I just finished another story for Bethany's Woodshed.  It is called Outside In, and it is a western.  I am going to miss these characters.  I fell in love with Amy Phelps and Percy Flowers.  Okay, the whole story came about because I was watching some old movie, and the guy's name was Percy.  I mistakenly heard Flowers instead of Bowers for the character's last name, and it set me to wondering just how on earth a man living in the old West would handle being named Percy Flowers.  Of course, it was his Mama who named him, after a favorite relative.  LOL  Amy's first reaction to a man named Percy was just about what you could expect in that day and age.  Chapter Fifteen will be posted this week, and I am sure that in a few months the book will be offered on Blushing Books.  As always, when it is time to say goodbye to characters I've loved while writing their story, I am a bit sad.  I even washed up some dishes that really didn't need washing.  I guess it would be better to get to work on another story.  Next Tuesday, unless Bethany changes things for some reason, I will have a Mother's Day story for Spanking Romance

Since I lost Mama last September, I was dreading writing a story to do with Mother's Day.  I knew it would prompt some tears, but I really tried to inject some humor in this story.  It is about a mail order bride, an Irish girl from Boston.  She replies to a advertisement for a wife to a man named Seth Masterson, and after a few letters back and forth, she agrees to travel the distance to marry him.  When the poor girl arrives, there is no Seth waiting for her at the stage depot in town.  The Sheriff asked the minister and his wife to assist him in taking the young woman to Seth, an upstanding widower with two precious daughters.  Seth denies any knowledge of writing to the woman, until she takes out the letters to show him.  Seth is shocked to learn that his little girls were the one who sent for Bridget, deciding they wanted another mother!  A New Mam for the Girls will be published next week on Spanking Romance.  Now, I'm not really advertising, but I love to talk about my writing.  These characters all become very special to me.

This week is Grandparent's week at school.  Yesterday I went and had lunch with Renee, who is in the first grade.  Tomorrow is lunch with Gabe.  The parents group conveniently has a Book Fair at school this week, so the little grands can lure you to the room where all those books reside, just ripe to be purchased.  Now, I am a writer.  And, before that I was, and still am, an avid reader.  Can anyone see a pattern here?  LOL  Renee kept picking out books, and I added one or two I thought she overlooked.  Yes, I went overboard.  AND, I am looking forward to shopping for books with Gabe tomorrow.  I am sure he counted his sister's books and knows exactly how many he needs to buy. LOL  There is no such thing as too many books.  I used to skip lunch to buy books when I was a kid.  Thankfully, when I was a kid, we lived in a small town with a wonderful library, and it was on my way home from school.  As long as I told Mama I was going to stop there, I could spend some precious time trying to decide what books I was going to read that night.  I also kept a flashlight in my bedroom, and I hid under the blankets to read.  My Daddy was a stickler on bedtimes, and it would have meant a sore bottom if he'd caught me reading, but once he was asleep, I was safe.  That house was old and crickety, and I could hear the folks on the steps when they came up to check on us kids.  You know, it suddenly crossed my mind why Mama would ask me about the books I was returning 'so soon'.  I guess she never did figure out how I read them so quickly.

Nothing going on here on the DD front.  Lar is working too many hours, and, for the most part, I have been behaving.  The only thing that has me worried is that I bought something I shouldn't have.  When I told my daughter that I fell asleep out here and woke up in the middle of the night to an infomercial, it seemed to be a 'sign' that I was to buy the item.  So, I did.  She informed me that I already have one in my pantry closet that I don't use and that "Dad is going to bust your butt!"  She advised me to cancel the sale, but I was very busy that day, and by evening it had been sent.  Soooo, I am probably going to have something to write here soon, and to post about in the Punishment thread on my forum. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.



  1. Hi Joannie, Im so glad you started this blog, what a great idea. I dont see a place to become a follower though. Am I just missing it? I have a blog as well but I have been trying to decide whether or not to keep it going. Im sentimental about it I guess. Anyway, great post. Im looking forward to reading more. Galway

  2. Oops! Sorry about a possible punishment. Fix Larry something he really likes with your new appliance, and maybe he'll agree that it was a good purchase. And definitely give your old duplicate away. And, what a wonderful grandmother you are to buy books for the grands! What a perfect thing to gift them with. Much better than sweets and cheap toys. Your entire family is blessed to have you. Cheers!

  3. Hi Galway. I am not sure about the 'follower' thingy, but on my computer I see it clear at the very top. Hope you find it. I hope you will continue your blog; I found that I truly missed having an outlet to simply talk about whatever.

    Nothing yet, Alex, but I think I did push Lar's buttons today a bit. Nothing to do with buying that new thingy that isn't here yet.

    Lar did have a chuckle at me when it came to buying the books for the kids. He said, "Of course you bought them all the books they wanted." Then he went falsetto to say, "Because there is no such thing as too many books!" He thought it was funny to quote me.