Friday, April 12, 2013

I worked on writing all day today, and it was one of those days when the words simply flew through my fingers and on the screen.  Fun.  But, it made me question something, and I hope that those of you who read here will answer...

What kinds of spankings do you enjoy reading most?  Sweet ones, mild spanking, maybe over clothing? (As in westerns when modesty was a huge issue with most people.)  Or do you prefer the harsher spankings, bare bottom, and say a switch or a paddle, belt???  I write both, but sometimes I wonder what readers think.  The couple I was writing about today... They were in a schoolroom... she is the teacher, and she lost her temper with one of her pupil's father.  He tossed up her skirts, but left her drawers in place.  I'm not even sure that would have happened in reality, not with a bunch of kids outside at recess... but it fit into the story, and well, I am a spanko... I wanted to write that scene. LOL

In reality, I would just die if Lar were to spank me like that and there was a chance of being discovered.  It did happen once.  We were visiting friends, but I had one more night of a punishment coming.  Lar packed a cane since it is quiet, but it was definitely overheard... and I was asked about it the next day.  Talk about embarrassed!!!



  1. My vote is.... I like them all.
    I have a question for you is there such a thing as a bad spanking?

    Having fun with Bobbie

  2. Hi Joannie,
    Bob suggested I pay you a visit. So I'm dropping by to say hello.
    As for what type of spankings I like to read about, I suppose that all depends on the characters and their specific dynamic, the particular conflict or scenario.
    Hope your writing continues to flow.

  3. Joannie, I love your writings and I have to say yours were the first I read. I may be the odd one out but I like variety. Not just one kind. I do like the authority used. That sense of the man being in charge and the final word over all else. I'm so glad I came across you again (Joannie Writes). Thank you for sharing your journey again. Lucy

  4. Hi Joannie,
    I love what you write. You were the first author I ever read in this genre. I am sure I have almost everything you have written. LOL. To answer your question I sometimes have a knee jerk reaction to certain harsh scenes. Yet if they fit within the story I am usually okay. For me there is a distinction between fantasy and reality so that allows me to enjoy a variety of spanking stories. Although I absolutely love how you let a hero make a mistake and show his vulnerability in his apology. Glad I found you.