Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unpleasant Things

Unpleasant things... We all have things we must do every day that just plain are not pleasant.  Today's bit of unpleasantness is going for an eye exam.  This isn't the normal kind, where you end up spending too much for brand new glasses that you will live with for some time to come *gasp*! No, this is the kind where you pray that they tell you your eyes are completely fine.  I went through a spell of extremely blurry vision a few weeks ago, and I made the appointment with Mama's old specialist (No, the specialist isn't OLD; my wording was off, but you know what I mean is...).  My vision cleared up somewhat once the diabetes was under control again... but when I mentioned cancelling, the HOH in the house got all HOHy and said, "Go!"  Well, I don't wanna go, but I remember a time a few years ago that said HOH handled a "no" of mine quite firmly when it came to going to the doctor.  I've learned it is much easier to just go and get it over with than it is to go with an extremely sore butt to sit on while being examined.  So, when I heard the, "Go!" I decided to try and make the best of it.  I asked my brother to take me because they will dilate my eyes, and since my eyes have been weird lately, I thought it best to have a driver.  He has oodles of time built up that he can take off, and Lar needs to be at work (according to his boss).  So, Paul is driving me.  We decided to eat lunch after going to the ophthalmologist. And, we have a couple of other fun errands to do.  But, for the record, I find the eye part of the day unpleasant.....

No, my rings aren't found yet, but I haven't been searching, either.  My next area of search is the 'kids' room upstairs.  We are having guests soon, and I will need that bedroom, too, and it is a mess.  I try to clean clean that room a couple of times a year anyway.  My grands are growing up, and I have too many toys here that they no longer play with.  Some other children could be enjoying these things.  Lar is home Saturday (yes, shocking, I know!); soooo, I am planning to tackle that room then.  Noooo, of course it's not a bit of payback for his HOHiness in insisting I go today.  I wouldn't even consider doing something like that... but, I will get it done quicker with his lightning quick help. Seriously. (He probably has his own agenda for the day, which means we'll work on the yard and the garden... but, I'll call it first. WEG  Gardening is fun; cleaning is work....)  I am hoping to find my rings and a couple of other things hiding in that room.

On the serious side of things, I need to have a very serious talk with my daughter, and I need to tell her some things that are going to make her upset and angry.  I told Lar about this, and he's warned me that I need to stay calm and not let her temper upset me.  That's sort of like asking gasoline not to flare when someone holds a match to it...  But, I know that he is right.  I need to stay calm to discuss this with her, and pray that I can find the right words.  My MIL used to have a saying, "Little kids, little problems; big kids, big problems." 

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I still don't wanna go, but I guess I'm beyond the throwing myself down on the floor and having a tantrum...?


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  1. Hello there Joannie
    Hope all will go well when you see the eye doc.
    Don't let your temp get the best of you when you talk too your daughter I have heard of what you can do when you take off in the outer limits.
    May you can use the same tactics on Lar as he uses on you to get him to go to the doctors office :)
    We will be praying for you best of luck.