Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today was an emotional day for Lar and I.  We buried a dear friend who lost a nearly three year battle with cancer.  He was a great Granger, and he and his wife exemplified everything that is good in a marriage.  Lar and I looked up to them for over forty years, and they were our role models, and they were full of wisdom.

The thing that I will remember about them is that I never once heard them say anything disrespectful of or to each other.  Oh, I'm sure they had their differences; what married couple doesn't?  But, the love was always present and foremost in the way they spoke to each other and the way they looked at each other, and in the smiles they shared.

They were truly in sync with each other.  They finished each other's sentences, helped each other, and you knew that you were getting the truth when they spoke to you about anything.  Did they live a DD lifestyle?  I don't know; I do know that they loved each other, respected each other, trusted each other, and they communicated with each other.  I don't think the words 'domestic discipline' were known to them when they were first married sixty-four years ago, but while she always spoke her mind, he was the one who had the final say in how things were done.

They have given us an example to live up to.  Rest in peace, dear friend.



  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Joannie.


  2. Thank you, Tracy. He is in a much better place. I know he was at peace.